Should Media be more responsible?

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Post By Pooja Jain

Though media,its role,rights and duties are mentioned nowhere in the constitution and it is totally an unconstitutional body……but it does plays the role of the fourth pillar of our democracy…….it generates public opinion not only in the ppl of our country but also in the beholders from outside india……Under such condition,dont you think our media should learn to behave responsible????

 Pooja Jain

It never highlighted the world class stadia constructed during the CWG 2010 but it did elaborated and enlarged the small small constructional errors like anything….because of which several countries refused to send their main atheletes… highlighted the corruption story like anything….as if indians are the most corrupt people in the world…..all this really soils our country’s image in the other countries…..everytime this will lead to a setback for us in the name of corruption,whensoever our PM would go for any international summit or conference……he would be questioned about anna hazare ji’s health?????imagine what wouldv happen to our country’s repute then…..this is why i believe that there has got to be a check in the rights of media…..
Iac Chhattisgarh 

wow..pooja u mst thanks media.. coz they exposed cwg scam ..thats y kalmadi is in jail now..u mst knw..”kalmadi had paid 2,50000 pounds to AM Films ” all farji.. and we are with the 6 remaining country in world which has not ratfied UN convention of corruption act ..and in corruption index of world out of 0 to 10 we are on 3.3 ..0 being the most corrupt..!! now what u want untill we declared themost corrupt country..we shuld not raise our voice.??? and u are concerned about country reputation.??gr8 .u shuld be concerned about the poverty,illliteracy,malnutrition,corruption which is rusting our bharat.. i thnk media is raising the voice ..except some like(india tv,starnews,aajtak.)..
Padmanabhan Rajesh good thoughts pooja and give solutions too

Inderjit Sidhu

media is like mindsource for most of indians…they make public opinion…but i always feel that it is under a big,very big pressure from government,industry and alliances…it always doesnt support truth…though it makes people blive what it support is truth…sometimes it highlights some small issue and rejects some big issue…i have seen people around me giving thier votes to congress only becoz they captivated the media which stereotyped it as best party…which it perhaps never been able to prove…media needs to calm down and think what is good for nation and what is not..
Padmanabhan Rajesh she mean not all media corrupt media, paid media, biased media ..not real media people.
Pooja Jain exactly…….
Pooja Jain and yes i firmly support the media for exposing the dirt,but i am criticizing it for the reasons specified by PadmanabhanRajesh jee and inderjit.
 the image of our nation does matter…..the media should be used as a source to let the citizens know what is the govt. doing but is not meant to over exaggerate things and soil the country’ name….
Pooja Jain i am talking about a responsible media……just because it is unconstitutional does not mean it can go tameless…..
Padmanabhan Rajesh New media for real media people, good causes for people centric need to come up on a co-operative method of people of india like Kairali TV in kerala…
Deepanshu Lulla And who will expose the media? Its the media which puts on sting operations etc. and expose people. How can someone expose media and drag them to law?

Padmanabhan Rajesh vigilance is a mutual issue. if u do wrong i have to catch u and if i its ur turn.. no body should be spared

Deepanshu Lulla So you mean the Aaj Tak people should catch India tv people and vice versa.. Then what what difference will be left b/w politicians and media?All will be left accusing each other and taking out rallies and jams against each other…Blaming the other channel people to be showing fake news and being sold;while they are sold themselves
Padmanabhan Rajesh i am not telling between media, but with even citizen too who ever commits corruption evil deed should be bring into justice and trialled impartially by a strong system (Anti corruption) which ever field he may work, or any org cos too. Then only the reluctance of doing corrupt acts will reduce substantially. No body is above law including u and me too.
Pooja Jain

india needs leaders with strong political determination….and that is the solution to every single problem our country faces……..we really lack efficient people to run our nation…no one thinks about the country…what they think is ab…about their personal benefits and developement……these days chunav prachar is at its zenith….and u can see so many ideotic people fighting like anything….all fighting for the KURSI and fighting for power but no one wants to fight for the nation….

Padmanabhan Rajesh baba ramdev ji ko support kariye badlav ayega


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