Dear serious reader friends, as you are reading this article, you should please realize that India is standing at a crucial juxtaposition of a battleground, the fight to save the green forests of our land. This is very serious, and a fight of great proportions. The issue stems from the fact that recently a forest region marked as a no-go zone by the Central Ministry of Environment and Forests in Chhattisgarh was cleverly read more….



63 years After Independence from the Britishers.We still see corruption we see poverty and other taboos in the social society. Politicians filling up there swiss bank accounts, literally looting the money from the fund which is allocated for the common man or for infrastructure or anything. We do see schemes being introduced and being passed by the legislature but what actually happens? Does it even reaches to the people whom it is meant for?just in the rarest case it does.and that would be only 25%. We have corruption at every level its in the roots of our country now, from a police inspector to an CM.From filing an FIR to getting a railway ticket or to get into a Academic Institutions(Get an Influential approach) need to bribe a person.Bribe someone because we dont want to stand in a Que and wait for our turn and so we bribe.And then we are the ones who blame! We dont vote and and then blame that it would not matter if we dont vote. And then complain about it why the politicians aren't working to our expectations.They are corrupt and all.We just expect that this would get well on there own.So now its time that we youth stand up, we stand up to make this Nation a great power. A better place to live. We only would have to change it!!

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