Everything Matters!! Except Nation!!!

This question haunts my mind since I became a little bit familiar with politics and the question is “Why after 63 years of independence, after 20 years of economic reforms, after so many good years of spectacular growth, we are still in the grips of this filthy corruption.” India is a nation of youth or I should say young and hot blood. Many of them aspire to become engineers, MBA and all that.


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  1. tum toh aise bol rahe ho..jaise khud desh ke liye jaan dete ho roz..!!! EASY TO SPEAK, DIFFICULT TO FOLLOW..

  2. Hi Ratan, I am not saying about sacrificing your life for the nation and even the time do not need it. When the time will come we will have to do that also. As Chanakya said, “Politics is War without Blood and War is Politics with Blood”. I am just saying “Don’t compromise with the basic things”. Everyone cannot be in politics but everyone can ask questions about what is happening and show his anger. A person can do at least what is in his purview. As said, “Little deeds of good is better than having big intentions.

    Thanks for reading
    Pratik Agrawal

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