The Rape of a Prostitute

You simply log on to the best viewed Porn sites and then you search about the mostly commented videos or new albums, if, available. This is for sure that you won’t simply peep into the Bathroom whilst your Mother or Daughter or Sister bathing. My Mother once said, “If you want to judge an Individual’s character in this Globalised world then hand him a high-speed Internet connection, a laptop and a closed room. Don’t install any CCTV because the Character of us is itself a CCTV which is accordingly judged by God’’. Though I’m am Atheism-Feminist but still I considered her view and I do believe that the fraternity of our own Conscience is put to the revision, the integrity of our Character is at test. I also have a view that Porn videos not only pollute our psyche and behaviour but it also educates us in a narrow aspect which is also significant. Earlier we’d teachers lecturing on it to us but now due to the “IT Age’’ we ourselves initiate the responsibility to educate-cum-entertain us. Anyways, the other relative arguments will come forward if we just stuck here at this traffic. Still I fear here of Moralists!

Men generally refer to Women-prostitute as a “Dustbin for Sex’’. Women consider Gigolo as “Dump for Sex’’. Perspectives differ because of Human nature but the only thing remains constant is that “the customer isn’t only having paid-sex with the opposite party but is also raping the soul, character and life of it’’. This “consensually-unconscious rape” is much brutal then the real non-consensual rape. The “world’s oldest vocation” Prostitution is responsible for the contaminating  HIV/AIDS but on the other hand is also playing a crucial role in bringing down or stabilising the level of crime being committed against the other innocent women which is still present among you now. She shells out orgasm which in your learned words is called “Pleasure and Satisfaction” but have we ever tried to understand the “suppressed voice” in her Heart. Body and Mind? Have we at least come out on the streets to fight for their rights, equality and liberal life? How many of us really say “Thank You” to them for their role in our so-called civilised society before our sleeping-prayers to that God on our bed? Why do as a devotee of Goddess look at them in a very lusty & unethical manner when we cross through brothels? Respecting isn’t only through Behaviour or Comity-Communication …Respecting lies in viewing, feeling and thinking of oneself and others. Still I fear here of relativist on the above tentatives!

State has a very important role to play in this contemporary issue. State is considered to be the Protector of Human Rights but quite naturally it later turns out to be the biggest Violator. Well…it’s a different scenario. State is formed from our own will and State should look after the interests of all citizens. Liberal states like New Zealand, Switzerland, etc. have legalised this profession and when we’ll be? Legalisation of it however has a point .i.e. it would keep a tab on Human Trafficking and also this vocation can be Institutionalised as well as Identity-cards/permit can be issued. IT can bring in tremendous change whereas Red Tapism should be shown the doors. People who willingly adopt this vocation have the Rights and Liberty to do it and with those who don’t wish to can be covered under the introduction of various schemes which amounts to Inclusive development. Still I fear here of Nihilists on the above reasons!

– Jaimine


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