Kinect X box 360

Kinect hacks aren’t anything new nowadays, but have you ever wondered how successful Kinect actually has been since launch? We’ve got some figures, and according to them, Kinect is the fastest selling electronic device of all time.

Since its release in the last year, this motion control device for Xbox360 has gained an enormous popularity. In fact, Kinect has set a world record as a fastest selling electronic consumer device. In first 60 days of its release, Kinect has been sold in about 133,333 copies per day. This means that after two months of sale more than 8 million Kinect units have been sold worldwide. Another interesting information is that Kinect has been sold in more than iPhone and iPad in the same time period, so that’s quite a success for Microsoft.

Kinect’s popularity is growing with more than 10 million sold copies up til now, this surely must be giving Xbox360 itself a boost as well.


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