About Us


As the tag line suggests,this is by the youth,to the youth,for the youth forum.

It works to inculcate patriotic and human feelings in the youth today. Apart from it it also works as an N.G.O that works to promote literacy in India Lastly but never the least,it also publishes Y.I.R(young india rocking) magazine,which not only keeps its readers updated with the latest tech updates,but also the knowledge of inner self with its spiritual articles.

Not to forget the best part it gives it readers a forum to express their views in the form of articles,in the magazine. people don’t say without reason YIR BOLE TOH INDIA ki nayi pehchaan. ”

YIR forum

has nationally established itself as the fastest growing;boldest and apolitical forum.Join it and be a part the brightest future reformers forum.

Join The YIR Forum now.

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YIR Milestones

Unlike other so claimed social online youth forums;YIR has proven itself to be working at the ground level.

 1.YIR trips to Matrachaya,an orphange-pics

Click here to see YIR exclusive report on it.

2.YIR visits Ashaniketan- Report

Click here to read the YIR exclusive report on it.

Be tuned to see more..thats just the start..


A mission launched by YIR family for the ultimate search for talented youth within the country,who have a vision and a dream to reform India.read more….

Come join us,and be a part of the largest youth forum in India.

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