Articles by Jaimine

I’m Corrupted. Aren’t you?(new)

Following is the content (speech) on “Corruption in India” which freezed many Jaws in a Seminar-Hall. Reading it won’t only provoke you but will manipulate your psyche in a healthy way that’ll enable you to Lead yourself against the Ammoral Political system and Immoral society.

read more..

Morality & Ethics; My Foot.

It’s completely umbrageous when Amoral-cum-Immoral citizens in a society, irresponsible as usual, blame the state for its Unethical political structure. State, in return deserves not that much of right to preach law and order when it itself lacks the political character in this Post-post-Modern era and is also highly responsible for read more….

Critical Ideology – Indianism

Either the  dogs  (common public) within the Parliamentary-Democracy of India where Jokers rule and Governance can be overtaken with the top-speed of Snail; majority of them possessing ‘’knowledge-deficit on International Politics’’ condemn Offensive-Liberalism adopted by read more

The New Ten Commandments ?

Following are the Ten questions that will make you, me and us think more.

1)  Will Islam, learning from the failure of so-called Enlightened Absolutism in the Northern African States and Gulf region,       now adopt Modernism path in the Contemporary Post-Modernism World?

2)   Democratic India is now Kakistocratic –Kleptocratic India ? Is India heading towards Polarized Pluralist State ?

3)  700 Diplomats read more

The Rape of a Prostitute

You simply log on to the best viewed Porn sites and then you search about the mostly commented videos or new albums, if, available. This is for sure that you won’t simply peep into the Bathroom whilst your Mother or Daughter or Sister bathing. My Mother once said, “If you want to judge an Individual’s character in this Globalised world then hand him a high-speed Internet connection, a laptop and a closed read more…..

Break-up of Sick Man of Asia (China) before 2025? or 2025年秋季以前的中国?

There was a time of Soviet Union …and since October 1990 it no more exists in the “Clash of Civilization era”. Andrei Amalrik predicted about the collapse of the greatest Communist leader (according to the Late & Former President of USA Ronald Reagan, “Evil Empire”) of all time who played a significant role in the then bi-polar International System in his work – “Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984?”. Thanks to Post-Behavioural Revolution of 1970′s that largely contributed many facets to Social Sciences which enables us to consider many factors to analyse, criticize and predict International actors and system much more precisely. In 1904,…….ideas, we adopt one or two and then..Read More


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