Articles By Pooja Jain

The Fairies of God

ACCORDING TO A POPULAR SAYING, god could not be present everywhere, so he created mother. This needs little modification. God also knew that men need women for infinite purposes(though their ego shall never allow them to confess it!!!!).But in the hearts of heart, every single man on earth knows that he can’t do without women, be it in any form. read more….

Speed Thrills but Kills..

The number of road accidents and death tolls on account of the same has risen alarmingly over the past decade. With the Indian capital NEW DELHI topping the list with a regretful 1989,Kolkata with 678 and kochi 888,the death toll has risen as high as 12000 and with no surprise the majority of these casualties belonged to yhe age group of 18-35 years. our roads can aptly thus be called as the


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