Critical Ideology – Indianism

Either the  dogs  (common public) within the Parliamentary-Democracy of India where Jokers rule and Governance can be overtaken with the top-speed of Snail; majority of them possessing ‘’knowledge-deficit on International Politics’’ condemn Offensive-Liberalism adopted by Uncle Sam despite India having Offensive-Liberalists law like AFSPA of 1958. It’s completely absurd to still reside in Nehruvian strategy in this Anarchic world enacted by International system. It’s very highly disappointing that she’s not in that Chinese position to nurse her South-Asian beggars (neighbours). 422 think-tanks in India; does it define the Intellectual capacity or is it the Policy-makers aren’t aware of it. To add more Gulf-fuel to the fire, only 10 out of it focus on International Politics/Foreign Policy & others on Developmental/Civic issues. How far Journalism-cum-Commercialism focused on it?

I seem to be pretty sure that the Republic of India loves to be circled by the State-controlled-Capitalist China. Gerontocratic-India (Young?) doesn’t have any Operational Nuclear ballistic submarines hitherto… whereas China have Four. Will any Indian God secure Indian Oceans now? Defensive-Liberalism as adopted by China in her Economical Foreign-Policy has even reached Eritrea (a tiny nation near Somalia) to secure and insure her Energy resources that will further sustain Developmental and Infrastructural growth to counter USA’s Economics whereas Natalistic-India can even think of going there?

Balkan states located in the Eastern Europe have been wondering with their Unemployment status since Secular-cum-Disintegrated India took away their job. The blind vision or reliance on Long-cycle theory can’t alone bring-in the lost glory of India and her civilisation. Phrases alone don’t work because ‘’an ounce of practise is worth than preaching’’ – Mahatma Gandhi (Father of Modern India) whose Gandhian-principles aren’t even applied by the Contemporary Gandhi’s of India. When put Indianism into practise, the very first obstacle is our Family’s attitude like State. Is there, then any possibility of New Bhagat Singh’s now? Independence-day is widely celebrated here but it doesn’t make any sense because India is still a Neo-Colonial state and only the Colonial masters have changed since 1950’s.

The Educational Inst. (completely anti-Marxian in nature); how many of them have courses on Policy Analysis? Or on phonetic Social Sciences? When will Indian Governance abhor the concept of Bureaucracy and adopt herself with Ledocracy? How long will the Inequality between Rich and Poor will continue? How far the so-called 8% G.D.P. reaches the pocket of you and me or may be the 7%, naturally, gets deposited @ the Swiss Bank?

The article’s spirit lies in this video.

–       Jaimine


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