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On 21st Century Relationships: Connectivity at the Cost of Face-to-Face Interactions


By Tong Niu:



We live in a faceless world. Interviews are conducted virtually, classes are taught online, and conversations are held through short phone calls and 180 character texts. Outside of our immediate circle of friends and family, most of our relationships are built upon virtual interactions.


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What Binds Friendship, Love and Relationships

What is the difference between a close friendship and a close relationship? Most of us believe that when friendship becomes stronger, it may turn into a relationship. The truth is different. Think about the kind of talks you have with your friends. You are always very open about your failures and shortcomings. You are not shy of talking about your problems and asking your read more…

The Status of Relationships in Modern India [and the world]

By Divya Gupta

DISCLAIMER: Much of this article relates to the metropolitan-fast-paced-urban lifestyle which often leaves less or no respect and regard for relationships.

“I will love you all my life
Always be by your side…read more..

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