Everything Matters!! Except Nation!!!

This question haunts my mind since I became a little bit familiar with politics and the question is “Why after 63 years of independence, after 20 years of economic reforms, after so many good years of spectacular growth, we are still in the grips of this filthy corruption.” India is a nation of youth or I should say young and hot blood. Many of them aspire to become engineers, MBA and all that. This means literacy among youth is growing day by day. But what the hell, there is no change in corruption. On the contrast it is spreading its many dirty hands into the every nook and corner of the country. Cities are becoming the main centre of it. IPL, CWG, Adarsh Society, 2G are the latest examples.

So why the corruption is increasing in spite of many good reasons to boast of about India, Nope!! The answer is not politician. They are doing their work as usual (I mean making policies and all that crap which could not be understood by the common stupid man). The only reason I could think of is, “Sense of Security among people”. See yourself or around yourself, you will understand why I am saying this. People do not want to say anything about which is wrong because they do not want to be in any problem. People do not want to be in politics because they want security which is very little in politics. We do one thing for sure, sit in front of TV, and listen all the crap to discuss for time pass (Wo bhi sometimes on big issues) and again put the whole blame on politicians. And forget after 2-3 days then another day another story… Just chill!!! Who cares..!!

The major part of today’s youth’s time is movies, music, masti, massala and all that. Oh did I forget something…yeah…One more “M”, our McDonald yaar…hmmm…I’m lovin’ it. Hanging out with friends; discuss about each other’s GF/BF and Parties…parties…parties. Who wants to come out of this great environment??? These new habits are growing day by day in the youth and this is simultaneously increasing the “Sense of Security” among them. They do not want to come out of their comfort zone.

“A government of the people, by the people and for the people”, that’s the basic foundation of Democracy, isn’t it? But I am seeing it vanishing day by day. People are no longer part of our democracy. We have isolated ourselves from the nation. We, the so-called enlightened mind are the least participator in election. The fault is not of the politicians, the fault is ours now because we gave the nation and the whole power in the hands of these persons and forgot it and now we are expecting the great morality from these persons. I am remembering a famous quote by Lord Acton, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”. That’s the situation in our country and what else can you expect from this situation.

We reached very high on the mountain that small acts of corruption do not haunt us. They have become the routine of our day-to-day life. Only big scams somewhat gives us the time to think but that’s only for few days and life goes on. We became much flexible now and so become the identity of India. Now we became “Occasional Patriot”, who comes in action on very few days like 15th August or 26th January and you know that little inch of patriotism comes from where? I think the pieces of episodes or the movies, which are shown on these days on every TV channels, are the reason. Some people even reached above these “Occasional Patriot”, for them these days or election days are holidays. Bravo!!!

I am remembering a quote from “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”, a book by Ayn Rand and it says, “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.” Now what else can you expect from India where majority of the people compromised with the basic principle. Now everything, except nation, matters to everybody. I can think of only one solution to kill the parasite of Corruption from the country and that is we must have to come out of our comfort zone otherwise very famous saying about India (Which I think is invented by us) is totally right: “India ka kuch nahi ho sakta”

The article seems incomplete without this video.Watch it.


Pratik Agarwal


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