I’m Corrupted. Aren’t you?

Following is the content (speech) on “Corruption in India” which freezed many Jaws in a Seminar-Hall. Reading it won’t only provoke you but will manipulate your psyche in a healthy way that’ll enable you to Lead yourself against the Ammoral Political system and Immoral society.


Here I go:

Good ”Morning” people

There was a time when we were made to say “God is everywhere’’ on the question asked “Where is God?’’. But now “this” Corruption has over-taken the Almighty since these Misotheist or Dystheist accused God of also being a Corrupted soul or body. Hence, I can now say, it’s no more God but Corruption itself which is not only everywhere but also anywhere and lucky he is who can say somewhere.

Corruption, first of all, isn’t only confined to Bribery but is much more beyond the concept of Corruption. The word Corruption is itself Corrupted and well I must say that we all are Corrupted in some or the other way and even me is a Corrupted individual; I accept that because I’m honest. Are you?

Kautilya once said, ‘’a straight tree will be first chopped off’’. He indirectly meant that honest kids like all of us would be first kicked out of system …hence to our self-interest, better to be tilted. You know this philosophy called “survival of the fittest” in this Anarchic world.

Corruption can’t be eliminated completely but can be controlled. It’s like Diabetes. Corruption is part of Governance and to root out this contemporary issue WE all gotto start working now at an Individual level. Start now and it’s YOU and let it begin this with all in our families. Are you ready?

We complain less but bark more on Corruption but it doesn’t make any “logical” sense unless at an individual level and later at the collective level we’ve been on the grounds. Got balls?

We’re blessed with RTI and all but just imagine for a second that how could this be when we all file a RTI. Don’t you think so it would bring a tremendous revolution in our Public Governance? Don’t you want back your Swiss Banks’ interests? Go out and file it not tomorrow but today itself because tomorrow ne’er comes.

The last point I would like to make here is: Will you raise that same non-corruptive hue and cry when you yourself would be involved in collusive form of corruption? I am sure: “you would not because of our Human-nature factor”. Now you yourself conclude isn’t this anti-Morality? The other thing is this Corruption is as old as Human civilisation and hitherto we’re continuing this legacy rather than eliminating it?

Ya … I do gibe that the License-Raj system since 1950’s to 1980’s in India, our economy made huge development in Corruption and also the recommendations from Vohra-Committee of 1993 haven’t been taken “that much” seriously. It hurts though. Yes it did hurted me in 2009 when my own former school was involved in some money-laundering case and my filing of RTI against it won me in my favour but what could I do when that school taught me to speak-up against Corruption though it itself was involved?

Thank You.


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