Is America Really A Super Power (Part 2)

America “The Super Power (you may say if you call Osama bin laden a great man)” calls itself the state which defends the spirit of democracy in the world! Does it do that really? No…Actually no one has the guts to go against it and this is why neither media nor any state has ever offended it…And those who have tried it ,have been brutally suppressed!
Be it Germany, Japan or Iraq! One more interesting fact is that America has never messed with anyone powerful enough…Take the example of Germany (when it was at its best) , USSR, Britain!
America jumped into the 1st World War giving the reason that Germany was suppressing the nations which was against democracy…Now this wasn’t a new thing from the Germans they were continuously doing it..But America came into the war when the Allied Forces had already made enough of destruction to the Germans…Is this a thing to be done by the ‘Saviour of Democracy’? But poor they…Had to face damn stiff resistance then also.!

Then came the second World War…I wouldn’t comment on any thing but the invasion of Japan!
Come on America broaden your thinking…Cheap people 5 times the population of Japan couldn’t mark their presence also!
Americans were annoyed seeing the progress of Japanese and this was the soul reason the invaded it….And even after capturing all its colonies and military ports they couldn’t dare to invade the chief military camps at Tokyo and other major cities! And what they wanted was an experiment…The experiment of the deadly bomb! That was the reason why the Americans didn’t mention the atomic bomb in the last ultimatum (that wasn’t an ultimatum) given to the Japanese!
As a result Mr. Harry S. Truman got what he exactly wanted…The lives of 166000 innocent and proud people who died with their head held high!
A question arises that why were the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki…Why not on Tokyo?
Let me give an answer to this…Because Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire prone cities and they were a better place to give a glimpse of the bloodshed!
Now you decide what do u prefer calling the Americans!

Pranjal Shrivastav
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