Is America Really A Super Power?

Wow…Wow…Wow..! Every one’s rejoicing at the news“Obama killed Osama” but guyz do think over it again!
People call the US a super power..But they are mere puppets who don’t even know how to play politics (try learning something from our Digvijay Singh..He is a bigger man).
They arrested Saddam Hussain…Charged him…N hung him to death in a span which was lesser than an Indian Test Match..!
Some one tell Mr. George W. Bush that he (Saddam) was a better leader than him…Atleast he did not get a“Bush Shoe” as a reward for his works though he ruled for 24 long years…
He rather got the salutes of Lacs of people on his death!
Saddam was nobler than the US and asked his people not to have hatred for the US citizens but to have it fr the policy makers…Now thats what we call the Spirit of War!

During his execution a Shia version of a Muslim prayer was recited which was against the Sunni Saddam…he was showered with “Go to hell!” by the reputed officials !
And now Mr. Barack Obama killing an old man at a particular moment when he was losing popularity! I would prefer calling this a popularity stunt than bravery(seems to be a close relative of Rakhi Sawant).
By now you all might be guessing “Is Pranjal a terrorist or a supporter?”
Well no….I too hate terrorism…I hate the bloodshed…I hate Bin Laden….I hate the misinterpreted meaning of‘Jehad’….But I hate America more than this..I hate USA more when I recall that two atom bombs being dropped on Japan…because i hold them responsible for the terror!
Dear Mr. Obama I want to inform you that Pakistan is a sovereign country (however evil the intentions are) and‘no power or state is authorised to interfere in its boundary without the permission of the state head’.
First you invaded it without consent and now you refuse to beg pardon? Man its just threatening others by your tonnes of nuclear weapons!
And to Indians who find it an act of bravery just 1 line….

Tomorrow it might be your house being invaded!

Pranjal Shrivastav

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  1. dude…u h’ve d ryt opinion………………………………..but jus 1 thin what hell was created by bush is d real culprit(not obama)

  2. yeah……………..when ‘ll dis f**kin people understand deir true image in today’s world

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