There was an article in “The hindu”, few days ago written by Dr. Nissim Mannathukkaren revealing the truth that the shining india hides. The author said ” The signature of India at 61 is one of unbridgeable divide, between billion-dollar homes and millions living in slums. Without inclusive development, the idea of India will remain the privileged domain of a few.”

Though there are many day to day live examples to prove the difference between the RICH and the POOR India, but just for the sake of citing example the most recent one is ,January 8, 2011, Gokul Singh Gond, of Druminia village, Madhya Pradesh, places his dead daughter Sohagvati on the back of his bicycle and pedals 10 km to the nearest district hospital for an autopsy. On the same day, cricketer Gautam Gambhir was auctioned for 2.1 million dollars for the fourth edition of IPL, the highest amount of money offered for the services of a cricketer in the history of the game. If there are two images that could capture the idea of India in the 62nd year of its republic, they are these.

The bridge between the two indias is clear, but still hidden with the fake smiles of elitist, and the show of the rich india.



Anurag Kumar :  this makes us to think abt, are we really developing after getting independence or some section developed and we indian says that we are developing after seeing development of some sections?


Satyabrata Tripathy : humara hindustan ko humare apno ne hi lut rahe he to humare apne hi raste pe he…. we all should do something as per our limit


Jaimine Önzetlen :  India has GDP of 8.5% but it is not uplifting the real India .i.e. Rural India. Read on Tendulkar Commission of 2009 where it was highlighted that BPL is more than 47% whereas UPA… govt. said that it’s around 35%. China became a Sovereign nation in 1949 whereas India gained Independence in 1947, China has poverty around 6%. We can’t avoid Relative Poverty but the scheme should be introduced for alleviating Absolute Poverty which is escalating.

Let there be many enforcement agencies on this issue.

Indian Media works on Agenda-setting theory so it becomes quite difficult to appease our Active audience into this contemporary Issue.

Elitist India can’t be expected to act unless and until you Marx them. This is the very reason for the failure of Meritocracy.

We need the mechanism of top-down and down-top and side-by-side approaches.


Shilpi Gupta i think now youth should take some action to make our nation more better…politicians are good for nothing…not only delhi but every state should develop…once the poverty and corruption remove than no one can stop our nation to be a DEVELOPED country….!

Ipshita nath : If population could be controlled, a lot of issues could be tackled effectively. The prob is do u IMPOSE a one- or even two child policy or edu the masses regarding birth control- and really trust them to control it. SO, we must concentrate first on edu the adults..simply counselling them would work. Not posters and advertisments, real one-to-one counselling.Sigh. I know it sounds intimidating and we immediately feel, “omg, how does one do all that?” There are so many things i haven’t even mentioned or even maybe thought about..But as for now, I say we make separate gropus looking into different areas of need. And work in a coordinated manner(Whoever is willing to.). Lets just stop hoping more from the vote monger govt., they have implemeted enough dysfunctional policies. maybe it really is time for the Yuva like us to, maybe even GIVE UP our today to improve the tomorrow. 😐 Pardon me if a sound wishful. 🙂

Ravi Prakash Mishra : i think no one can guide us untill we dint want to make a better tommorow for their next generation .we can not leave it on the wish of god. its a fault of media who make a cricketer hero so that it can be sold for milions of dollers bt nt a single glimpuse on the poor people .which is also part of us. for that i think media is the most gulty to not raising this isue..

Sheinti FbDicted : I don’t think ‘trickle-down approach’ or ‘Top-down approach’ will be a really nice idea to emphasize upon. It should be a ‘BOTTOM-UP’ approach, this will be a permanent solution. All others will provide tempo…rary relief. ‘Trickle-down’ approach is what keeps people in illusion, thinking that development of urban area OR a fast GDP growth rate would ultimately benefit poor, but that has of course not been happening, and if at all it really ‘trickles down’, then it is too slow to have any impact on our poor. So the thing is, if we want an overall, fast, inclusive and sustainable Growth, then it will have to ‘BOTTOM UP’. Create infrastructure in rural area, devote some time to it, play your role in every possible way- cash, kind, opinions, contacts…. all kinds of supports N help should be appreciated and welcomed. There should be a flexible, open minded approach to it…..


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