Morality & Ethics; My Foot.

It’s completely umbrageous when Amoral-cum-Immoral citizens in a society, irresponsible as usual, blame the state for its Unethical political structure. State, in return deserves not that much of right to preach law and order when it itself lacks the political character in this Post-post-Modern era and is also highly responsible for forming many Anomic minds among the Masses. Nothing new to know that perfection can’t be attained but how far an ordinary human being can sail ahead to attain these so-called principles of perfection ? He or She may attempt and make into top stories of the “paid newspapers’’ but to be glued on it throughout is certainly in the interest of Collectivism and Humanity but Utopians are “unwelcomed with respect’’ in reality. Read more on self-conflicting nature of human beings. There is nothing absurd to preach “blah blah and blahs” because words are now cheap and free as they “have overtaken the most beautiful peaceful weapon called Smile’’ but it’s contradictory to our own self-respect when not put into practise.

“An ounce of practise is worth than preaching’’ – Mahatma Gandhi

The so-called Morals and Ethics widely socialized and religiousized by the humble preachers have succeeded to conceptualise at Universal level (mainly through documents and might be ‘’Conventions’’ or with respect I say “Holy texts’’) but were kicked off from the Unitarian seat from the challenges posed by Error Theory and hitherto even Blimey (the Invisible Dictator) haven’t made any conclusive analysis on it because even HE couldn’t answer the debate posed by “bunches of Dystheists’’. It’s obviously a yellow act when the Cognitivists gave the materialistic condemnation to Moral non-Cognitivists and this is not a doubt that morals will not loose its value unless and until Wag abhors Waffling. This “would” create many doubts “if” Julia Gillard like Australian PM’s come out with ‘’Moral Taxation’’. Hope so “impotent’’ Atheist 3.0 get back to the moral track of Atheism. Now you should ‘’morally’’ SMILE!

“Taking ahead the principles with our life is like passing through narrow forest track with big stick on our mouth’’ – Otto von Bismarck




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