RockMelt browser hits public beta

Social networking is quite popular nowadays, and most of you are probably using several social networking sites. However, if you have accounts on several social networking sites, it can become hard to stay in touch with all of your friends and this is when browsers such as RockMelt come in handy.

You might remember RockMelt, a browser that allows you to stay connected to your Twitter and Facebook account at all times while surfing the web. In addition, this great browser allows you to stay in touch and quickly and easily share things with your friends. As you already know, RockMelt was in private beta since last November, and now, for the first time, this browser is available for everyone todownload. As for improvements, public beta brings a useful YouTube app so you can watch videos without leaving the current tab. In addition, the Chromium base of the browser has been changed from version 6 to version 9.



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