Speed Thrills But Kills..

The number of road accidents and death tolls on account of the same has risen alarmingly over the past decade. With the Indian capital NEW DELHI topping the list with a regretful 1989,Kolkata with 678 and kochi 888,the death toll has risen as high as 12000 and with no surprise the majority of these casualties belonged to yhe age group of 18-35 years. our roads can aptly thus be called as the KILLING ROADS.

The road which is constructed to facilitate transport and vehicles as a means of convenience have now become weapons of death and destruction posing hazards to the lives of millions of the Indian youth DRIVING THEM CRAZY!!!!!
It thus becomes imperative to study the reasons of this phenomenon. there is a total lack of road safety rules among the general public. RASH DRIVING amongst youngsters is a MATTER OF PRIDE. Jumping red lights has become a daily occurrence. thus it is no surprise to see the chaos and confusion on roads leaing to accidents.
The answer lies in being responsible. a stich in time saves nine. on a similar note, adhering to some basic traffic rules and practicing little precaution can help prevent such mishaps taking a toll to millions of lives. the public and the traffic police needs to be vigilant. stringent actions ought to be taken up not only by the government but also by the people to seize this menace on the killing roads. people seen bereft of helmets and seat belts should be heavily penalized. the epitome lies again in the Indian capital where people without a helmet or seat belt are penalized as high as Rs.2000.speed limit for a given road should be specified by the local transport office and denizens must adhere to that.
Above all, LIFE’S A PRECIOUS GIFT. let not one careless and irresponsible act destroy its beauty forever. let us resolve not to become a victim to the hazardous killer roads. lets solemnly pledge to drive within safe limits.

Pooja Jain

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  1. nice attempt pooja!
    get some depth in it. i dont needa tell ya the ways to ryt an article..urs english is wayy better than myn!
    just follow the decorum! make it more presentable.
    congrats anyways! 🙂
    besta luck for all d endeavors!

  2. youngindiareformer

    I hope now its better than earlier

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