The Fairies of God

ACCORDING TO A POPULAR SAYING, god could not be present everywhere, so he created mother. This needs little modification. God also knew that men need women for infinite purposes(though their ego shall never allow them to confess it!!!!).But in the hearts of heart, every single man on earth knows that he can’t do without women, be it in any form.
Every women, every single girl is special, each one is unique, beautiful in her own distinct way. Throughout her life, a women plays different roles, commencing from a daughter, a wife, a daughter in law and finally a mother and in this way brings pride and glory to the people of two families. given an opportunity, a woman can rise as high as to the moon, as high as to the unparalleled honour of being the president of India and what not.
She may be fragile at physique, but indeed very strong at heart (though most men may not agree to this). It is certainly not easy to be a woman as for her, life brings with it lots of physical and mental traumas and yet she keeps smiling. this reflects the magnanimity of women.
Imagine what if a guy is passing by and a group of girls start teasing him (ADAM TEASING!!!!!!!).HOW WOULD HE FEEL???what if you are asked to leave your near and dear ones with whom you spend a huge chunk of your life, for an antiquated social custom(marriage), change your name, change your identity, only because you are a girl and belong to the weaker section of this male dominant society.
But despite all these atrocities, women have learnt to accustom themselves happily to the evil norms of this society. and above all, they are and they shall always be full of love, tenderness, care, affection and every special virtue god has endowed them with. they shall keep showering flowers of love and care on all men without expecting anything in return. this is the virtue of a women.
Nature chose women and not men to give birth to a new life. god knew, men were’nt that strong. so it’s a sincere request to all menfolk that they realise the fact that they owe their lives and existence to a women and acknowledge their contribution in their lives and give them their due respect and love. EVEN if you fail to do that, NO WORRIES, women shall always be as they have always been, FULL OF LOVE,LIFE AND ALWAYS AT YOUR BECK AND CALL.

Happy Women’s Day

Pooja Jain


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