YIR visits Ashaniketan- Report

Name of Institute: Ashaniketan
Address:     E/6,11 no. bus stop,near St. Joseph Coed School,Arera Colony,Bhopal- 462016
Facilities it Provides: An old age home and a boarding school for physically special cases including blind,deaf etc.

                                                        YIR reports and analysis

                          The hands that serve are holier

                                   than lips that pray.

YIR’s analysis:

1.Asha Aanchal is a home  that receive the senior citizens aged, 60 years  and above, men and women, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, who are really in need of home, care and concern.

Cool isn’t it?

2.It is a place where the elderly receive love and affection.  They are treated with dignity and respect.

3.The staff and co-workers strive to achieve a family spirit in our Home for this the abode for the Senior Gentry wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, to a clean fresh air environment.

They have very clean rooms for living with a bed,a table and an almirah (a small one)and the kitchen was very appreciative with 3 maids handling the household.

Boarding School for Physically Special And Mentally Special Children

What YIR found about This school that it’s only one of it’s kind in Bhopal; A special orthopedic room where these children are given exercises in a day;uttermost care is taken giving these a children an environment where they  study with the courses designed specially according to their conveinience.

The best part which YIR loved was the smile and the happiness these children were sharing ..It seemed the missing of indispensible communication was not at all a barrier to them.

The Asha Niketan Hospital being just next to both old age homes and boarding deserves a centre of attention.Whenever a medical urgency arises;which is frequent in the scenario the patients get the due professional and emergency care they require.

That’ all for this time.A lot more coming for next time..So stay tuned.If you ever get a chance to visit some social service place;share your experiences with us;We will share them with all.

and mail your pics and experiences (separately) to



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